Ready for the decisive moment?

With the STRAP you always are.




Made from the most durable Nylon and built to resist mountain climbing loads this rock solid 48" loop (when laid down its 24" in length) will carry your Leica safely and keep it ready for action at hip's height. The STRAP is worn obliquely across your chest for best comfort and protection.With the camera HOOKed onto the STRAP's polished key chain ring it will slide to your eye with one swift movement. While you may unhook the camera at any time (or attach it directly to the STRAP without a HOOK in between), this set up will allow for any kind of handheld shooting, providing extra fail safe security at any time. Be at total ease while swapping lenses, changing rolls or just let the camera slide back into a waist bag for added protection. The STRAP comes in black, without the stripes as shown in the pictures.


As with the rest of our goodies we're offering you the STRAP at a moderate price of just


You can also find the STRAP as a part of our STREET combo for just $45, along with a HOOK and a SPARE. Or you can combine it with any other Leicagoodies order and take advantage of the flat once-per-order shipment fee!


You might prefer cash-by-mail, but we're happy to be able to offer payment via PayPal, too.

If you have any questions, please mail us: mail (AT) (Subject:STRAP)