Focus anybody...?



"I like the focussing tabs provided by newer lens designs with short focussing throw such as the 35 and 50 Summiluxes' and 'crons'. While older lenses can easily be "upgraded" with the help of cable ties(!), the long focus throw of fast and big glass such as the Noctilux, the 75 Summilux and the 90 Summicron is asking for something different to get a real grip on the issue - or should I rather say STEER?

Just recently I found something most satisfying for doing the job. A focussing ring with ten(!) tabs which perfectly fits the circumference of my 75 Summilux of 7 1/2" (192 mm). But being open on one side and held together with the help of a rubber o-ring the STEER easily copes with bigger lenses, too. And by chipping off one of the tabs you may even adapt it for lenses down to 6 7/8" (170 mm) in circumference."

Lutz Konermann


As with the rest of our products what we're asking for the STEER is incredibly little:


Anyway, we recommend you to combine it with a SLING, SHADE, STEPS, HOOK or SFILL order. This way you may take advantage of the fixed $5 fee to cover worldwide shipment.

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