Give your camerawork some new SPINS

and discover lensless photography with the Leica M!

 New redesigned 21 and 35 mm SPINS available now!

Leica M 28mm Spin © Lutz Konermann 2005



Lensless photography with a Leica M? Are we kidding? No, we're talking pinhole photography, one of the most classical and fascinating ways of creating photographic images, amazingly free from distortion and vignetting, with the help of - well, a hole. But not just any hole. The SPINS are made from precision crafted laser holes, the most precise and seamless available, mounted on a Leica body cap, or mounted on specially made body attachments. Plus, thanks to Lutz Konermann's simple yet effective design idea, we are able to offer as a world premiere not only the standard pinhole body cap as available from other sources - but a choice of three different SPINS, calibrated to three different focal lengths: 35, 28, and 21mm!


 35 mm left. 21 mm center, 28 mm right


Yes, exactly. Three dedicated holes, precisely mounted to offer three classical Leica focal lengths. And this is where it all comes together: equipped with the SPINS, the Leica M is the only pinhole-ready camera known to us offering not only three interchangeable pinholes but having an incorporated viewfinder with corresponding framelines - in the case of an M4-P, M6, M7 or MP for the 35mm as well as for the 28mm, while with the help of add-on viewfinders the whole range can be covered, on all M bodies. Plus, with the SPINS easily fitting in each and every camera bag, pinhole photography becomes an ever-ready option, available anytime, even at mid roll. Change from regular to pinhole photography and back again, whenever you chose!

As you will understand by the figures given above right, a steady support is mandatory for pinhole photography, even in bright daylight with 400 ISO emulsions. 1 second is about as fast as you will be able to "snap" at f-stops between 120 and 155! So, a cable release and either a tripod or one of our non-slip STEAD bean bags (as pictured above) should become the companion of choice for your SPINS


Here is our pricing scheme:

28mm SPIN: $45
35mm SPIN: $55
21mm SPIN: $55
3-set of SPINS (21, 28, 35mm): $150

Combine your choice with any other Leicagoodies order and take advantage of the flat once-per-order shipment fee!


You might prefer cash-by-mail, but we're happy to be able to offer payment via PayPal, too.

If you have any questions, please mail us: mail (AT) (Subject: SPINS)