Thank you for ordering Sling, Shade, Steer, Sfill, Shine, Steps, Strap, Spare, Snob, and/or Hook!


If you choose cash payment please print out this page and fill in the required information before you put it in an envelope. If you aren't ordering the SLING you can skip # 1.

If you prefer online payment via PayPal, please click here!


1.) To assure a maximum in comfort and safety, each Sling is custom tailored to fit your fingers perfectly. Therefore please measure your right hand's middle finger by making a tight loop of paper (or better still: tape!) around it. Write down the length of that tight loop.

Right middle finger's circumference in inches:...................... or in millimeters:...................

(Please consider, that an average male circumference is of 69 millimeters. If your measure is off a range of 60 to 75 millimeters please re-measure unless you are absolutely sure that your finger is very thin or thick.)

2.) Please give us your e-mail address. This is not for bothering you with spam, but to make sure we can reach you fast in case there is a delay, we need another information from you, etc...

My e-mail address:.....................................................................................................

(This order form is a step to minimize delays caused by insufficient information. Since most of our time is still spent on correspondence, please help us optimize the flow of information. Thank you!)

3.) Please add a return address sticker which we can use for shipment. If you absolutely can't produce any, please write down your address below in a clearly legible manner (We will cut it out and paste it on the envelope, so make sure the postman can decipher it):





4.) Please fill in your order:




Slings ($ 20 per item)

Shades ($ 10 per item)

Sfills ($ 35 per item)

Hooks BLACK ($ 25 per item)

Steers ($ 20 per item)

Shines ($ 30 per item)

Steps ($ 175 per item)

Spares ($ 10 per item)

Straps ($ 20 per item)

Street packs (Strap, Spare and Hook) (black hook) ($ 50 per item)

Snobs ($ 10 per item)

plus $ 5 for shipment

(or $ 15 for Registered Mail Shipment - mandatory for orders from $ 100 up)


(Example A: 1 Sling + shipment = $ 25 / Example B: 2 Slings + 2 Shades + shipment = $ 65 / Example C: 1 Spins set + 1 Sling + Registered Mail Shipment = $ 190)

Although not mandatory for orders below $ 100, Registered Mail Shipment is the only means at our desposal to trace the fate of delayed or misguided merchandise.

5.) Include enough $ bills to cover your order and wrap them in dark paper or use a piece of aluminum foil to make them "invisible". (Anyway, cash payment has been safe in 100% of all cases!)

6.) Payment may as well be made in Euros. For the latest conversion rates check

7.) Send the envelope to our address as below (expect about a week either way for snail mail to take):

Leicagoodies c/o
Rik Plomp
Prof. L. Fuchslaan 1
3571 HC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Happy shooting!