If you are a true Leica M user...

...you should check out the SLING, Lutz Konermann's first original design which started the Leicagoodies story in 1999.

"I think it's hard to find a camera that is as sturdy, precise and inconspicuous as the Leica M. A camera that can get as close at people without intruding, frightening or even offending - and can (for all these forementioned reasons) record their story as truly.

If you share this view of mine I would equally like to share something with you I have developed recently in order to make photography as above even more practicable and enjoyable. I've baptised this little accessory the SLING. You may have read about it. It is a challenge to improve an almost perfect tool as the Leica M. But I still had a try. And since for me it worked I thought it selfish not to let you participate."

Lutz Konermann



...and you might want to know what others think of the SLING:


I have been using Leica's since 1960 and this is the best thing yet. I put one on my old M2 and the M6. For the M2 with a soft release it is perfect. Unbelievably simple, unbelievably perfect.Thanks. Laurence G., Great Barrington, MA

Your sling is so cool! Thanks. Cary P., Fayetteville, AR

The Sling arrived yesterday in the mail. Thank you, I have put it on fairly easily, and it seems to do the trick. The Sling will allow me to be even more discreet with my photography. And you can quote me on that. Eric L., Washington, D.C.

Love the Sling! Neatest gizmo for a Leica in a long time. Good luck Lutz. Mike B., Northfield, MN

I installed it today and was quite surprised at how it helps me handle the camera. It allows me to securely grip and control the camera without the neck strap flapping about, yet allows me to drop the camera down to my side without fear of dropping it. Ingenious! Craig Z., Cary NC

It took a little while to get used to it, but I must admit it does wonders to improve the handling of the camera. I'm quite impressed. Robert D., Japan

Meine Anerkennung für die Idee und die Herstellung dieses sehr nützlichen Zubehörs. Heinz W., Germany

Thank you for the Leica Sling. It's a really neat device that you should market more strongly in the U.S. It's so simple yet effective! John G., Kansas

Thanks, I love it! Fernando La R., Macon, GA

Great things come in small packages. Many thanks! Byron W., Great Britain

Great product! Used it today and it was worth every penny! Thanks hamstermann! Cyrus K., Switzerland


When Lutz designed the SLING he thought, "What if there was an accessory..."



...that would provide a REAL SECURE GRIP, actually without altering at all the way I was holding my Leica before, doubling as a safety belt and a steering wheel in one, leaving ALL OPTIONS OPEN as to further add-ons, be it the winder, the rapidwinder, the lens carrier, the tripods, the cases and even the neckstrap...? What if this accessory freed enough of my right hand so I would be able to CHANGE LENSES while still firmly holding my Leica plus the TWO lenses? What if it gave me an opportunity to safely carry my ready-to-shoot Leica around WITHOUT BEING MARKED as the guy-with-the-camera-around-his-neck?"



So he came up with the SLING and we decided to share it with you for $20, plus $5 for worldwide shipment = $25.

Which totals at $45 for two, $65 for three. Or combine it with a SHADE, SFILL, STEER, HOOK order and take advantage of the flat once-per-order shipment fee.

In short, we're offering you to benefit from the development of a truly useful accessory (which not only in our humble opinion will revolutionize your handling of the Leica) at a fixed "shareware" price that doesn't make you want to think twice. You will get a custom made SLING for your fingers' size in a most durable black nylon, perfectly matching the black Leicas and best looking on the chrome ones.

The SLING will work on any Leica M (except the M5), on the CLE but not on the CL. It reportedly works fine on the Konica RF, the Leica IIIg, the Kiev - and the latest R models...

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If you have any questions, please mail us : mail (AT) leicagoodies.com (Subject: SLING)