What makes for a Scoop on a Leica M...?



... the long missed eyecup!


Like all of our products the SCOOP, too, is handmade, low-tech, lightweight, functional and dirt cheap.

It's made of black PET plastic, semi-rigid, weights nil (well, two grams...?), doesn't occupy the viewfinder thread (which allows for diopter lenses and the 1.25 Magnifier to be used along - we found using the latter even more comfortable with the SCOOP), attaches and is taken off in a snap but can be kept on for life as it doesn't obstruct any common operation ,such as film loading, and is so unobstrusive that it just becomes part of the camera body.

Please pay attention when ordering: For the M8 we are now offering a specially sized Sc88p!

As with the rest of our products what we're asking for the SCOOP is incredibly little:


Please understand that to make this viable for us you have to combine it with a SLING, SLIDE, SHADE, STEER, HOOK or SFILL order. This way you may take advantage of the fixed $5 fee to cover worldwide shipment.

For cash-by-snail-mail-orders click here.


For those of you preferring online orders we're happy to be able to offer payment via PayPal.




If you have any questions, please mail us : mail (AT) leicagoodies.com (Subject: SCOOP)