Get HOOKed!

And enjoy the best of both worlds.




With the two ends of your neckstrap joined by the HOOK (aka "key-chain-thingie") or by replacing it with our new STRAP you may carry your camera safely and comfortably until you choose to release it for SLING photography in a snap - then put it back for transport with the same ease of use. The elegant design in black anodized aluminum perfectly matches the camera body as well as the original Leica neckstrap. Its reliable swiss made fail safe mechanism is well crafted and smoothly operating.

Here's a testimonial by Dan C. who ordered a couple of Hooks. He was happy to find them thru our site having bought his first some time ago on a trip to Europe...

"As you can see, the black anodized surface is about 95% (or more) gone, and the LeHook inscription is fading away, but there it is, functionally as good as new. The wear and tear gives you an idea of how much I use the thing; day in, day out, every day for close to 20 years, but the actual mechanisms work as good as the day I bought it. Tell the LeHook people I wish everything I bought worked as well and for as long as this."


As with the rest of our goodies we are offering you the Hook at a moderate price of just


Anyway, we recommend you to combine it with a SLING, SHADE or STEER order. This way you may take advantage of the fixed $5 fee to cover worldwide shipment.

The Hook is now also available in very limited quantities in 3 colors: Green, LightBlue and DarkBlue. These are limited numbers only, and once they have sold out, that will be it, there will be no new ones! These Hooks are $35 each, with our same friendly shipping charges! You can order them on our general order page.

The numbers left are:

Green: 17

Darkblue: 25

LightBlue: 40

We are happy to be able to offer payment via PayPal.




If you have any questions, please mail to: mail (AT) leicagoodies (dot) com (Subject: HOOK)